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ชื่อสินค้า : เครื่องดูดฝุ่นและโลหะ Motor damper

ยี่ห้อ : Nederman

รุ่น : -

The motor damper consists an operation box that can be controlled by any closing switch. The operation box consists of a 30 VA transformer for the lighting kit in the extraction arm, a delay timer for fan stop variable from 0-5 minutes, and two separate connections for sensor clamps. Single-phase power supply, 110-120/220-240V, 50/60Hz. The motor damper is available in two models: Manual (MDM), using a hood mounted switch set, or automatic (MDA), using a sensor clamp on the welding set, for automatic start-up of the fan and automatic control of the damper.

- Provides optimum airflow within a multi-arm system
- Reduces energy consumption and increases efficiency
- Makes it possible to use a smaller fan and automatic start/stop function
- One or two sensor clamps can be connected to the operation box

Technical data
Certifications CE
Installation Indoor