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ชื่อสินค้า : เครื่องดูดควันเชื่อมโลหะ FilterBox 10 eQ

ยี่ห้อ : Nederman

รุ่น : -

Automatically cleaned for light to medium dust & fume applications.

The FilterBox 10 eQ is a mobile unit, equipped with a N24 fan for a maximum air flow capacity of 1 000 m3/h (600 CFM). An integrated silencer reduces noise from the fan and outlet air. The unit has an advanced filter control system with automatic cleaning that starts when the air flow is too low. FilterBox 10 eQ also has a pneumatic outlet for pneumatic tools and a single phase power supply output for electric tools. As soon as the tool starts, the fan starts automatically. There is an additional grip included to easily maneuver the unit. Additional protection from harmful particles is provided if a HEPA filter is installed.
For dust applications, the unit is cleaned mechanically. For welding fumes it uses a combination of mechanical and compressed air cleaning.
For welding applications, compressed air cleaning is required.
Note! FilterBox is not for use in environments where combustible dust or gases are present, and it is not for use in filtering combustible dust or gases.
- User friendly and superior filter cleaning, mechanical and/or with compressed air for long filter life - Automatic damper preventing dust from leaking out while cleaning - Dust free filter replacement and emptying of dust bin - Third party approval for welding fumes category W3 according to EN 15012-1 - Spotlight and fan switch on extractor hood

Technical data
Airflow (m3/h) 1000
Certifications CE
Compressed air requirement DIN ISO 8573-1, class 5/5/4 (7 bar)
Dustbin volume (l) 15
Extraction arm diameter (mm) 160
Filter Area (m2) 13
Filter efficiency (%) 99
Installation Indoor
Material Casing in rotomoulded plastic
Noise level (dB(A)) 66
Arm length (m) 3
Electric plug Without
Filter cleaning method Mechanical, Compressed air
Filter material Polyester PW13
Filter type Cartridge
Mounting Mobile
Number of filter elements 1
Weight (kg) 102