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ชื่อสินค้า : เครื่องยิงทราย 7-Axis Robotic Shot Peening Machine


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7-Axis Robotic Shot Peening Machine
MEC 7-axis Robotic Shot peening machine is designed to peen bucket root & profile blade for steam turbine. To generate the controlled compressive stress to the surface and to enhance the surface properties, increase fatigue strength, enhance lubricity by creating small pores, increase life of components and prevent galling, ferreting, cracking & corrosion. Machine is suitable for peening job of maximum size upto 1500mm.

Standard: 6-axis fanuc robotic gun manipulation
Door mounted 3 turntables.
Turntable drive synchronized as 7th axis of robot.
3 Jobs can be peened simultaneously
Very high production machine
Quick clamping/de-clamping pneumatic fixtures
Vibratory sieve classifier unit for size classification
Spiral type separator for shape classification.
Quick change & accurately positioned 4 peening nozzles
Colored touch screen HMI & Siemens PLC panel
Mechanical grit recovery system
Easy part fixture change over
Closed loop air pressure regulator
Shot flow control magna valve – 4 nos
Dual pressure chamber for continuous peening

Automatic shot peening media adder
Rotary lance drive
2nd door with turntable as 8th axis.
Custom part holding fixtures