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Blast room equipment is used in a wide variety of industries that require surface preparation prior to the application of a protective coating. The surface of the work piece is cleaned by a mixture of abrasive and high pressure compressed air being directed on to the work piece by blast nozzle. The blast room contains the abrasive being shot at the work piece, as well providing lighting and ventilation for the operator safety.
MEC offer a variety of blast room designs and room configuarations which allow to design a blast room facility uniquely tailored to meet the economic production, safety and environmental concerns of each customer.
The modular blast room is specially ventilated and illuminated for enclosed abrasive blasting, and is fully sealed, dust tight, all steel structure. The components are prefabricated for simple bolt-together erection, with little or no site welding required. The enclosure stands by it own structural support without connections to the surrounding facilities. The size of the job depends on