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ชื่อสินค้า : เลเซอร์สำหรับงานเชื่อมสเปรย์ LASER CLADDING


รุ่น : Comparison Of Coating Processes

The following table gives a broad comparison of coating processes. The data shown is based on typical applications and parameters. There can be exceptions to the below data, based on specific applications and parameters.

HVOF Thermal Spray PTA Laser Cladding
Heat source Flame (liquid or gas) Electric arc Laser beam
Coating thickness (typical) 0.05 – 1mm 0.5 – 5mm 0.2 – 2mm
Typical Deposition rates ≤ 5 kg/hr ≤ 10 kg/hour ≤ 5kg/hr
Dilution 0 5-15% ≤ 5%
Type of bonding Mechanical Metallurgical Metallurgical
Bond strength ≤ 80 MPa ≤ 800 MPa ≤ 800 MPa
Heat input Low – medium High Low - medium
Porosity ≤ 1% < 0.1% < 0.1%
Comparative capital cost Medium Low High
Comparative running cost High Medium - Low Low

Typical Applications (Coating Materials)
- Down hole stabilisers (WC/Ni)
- High temp process rolls, hardness & corrosion resistance, valve lips and seats (Cobalt 6)
- Valve balls/seats, process rolls, waste incineration boiler parts, oil refinery process plant (NiCrMo)
- Coal and ore crushing hammers / wear plates / sand valves (WC/Ni)
- Valve balls/seats, process rolls, boiler components, waste incineration boiler parts, hydraulic rods, down hole stabilisers (FeCrB)