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ชื่อสินค้า : ไดอะแกรมสเปรย์โคดติ้ง COLD SPRAY


รุ่น : Cold Spray Process

The Cold Spray process basically uses the energy stored in high pressure compressed gas to propel fine powder particles at very high velocities (500 - 1500 m/s). Compressed gas is fed via a heating unit to the gun where the gas exits through a specially designed nozzle (level type convergent-divergent nozzle mostly) at very high velocity. Compressed gas is also fed via a high pressure powder feeder to introduce powder material into the high velocity gas jet. The powder particles are accelerated and moderately heated to a certain velocity and temperature where on impact with a substrate they deform and bond to form a coating. As with the other processes a fine balance between particle size, density, temperature and velocity are important criteria to achieve the desired coating.

Cold spraying Equipment used for application of various metal coatings based on aluminium, copper, zinc, nickel, lead, tin, Babbitt etc. This type of coating used for different purposes, such as:
- Recovery of the shape and size of parts;
- Creating electrical contact pads;
- Elimination of moulding and mechanical defects;
- The elimination of leaks of liquids and gases (sealing);
- Corrosion protection;
- Protection "setting" (EP coating);
- Prevent sparking;
- Recovery anti-friction coating of plain bearings;
- Decoration.

The main properties of the coatings
- High adhesion (30-80 MPa);
- High cohesion (30-80 MPa);
- Homogeneity of the surface;
- Low porosity (1-3%);
- High electrical conductivity between the coating and the substrate;
- Any coating thickness (20 microns to 10 cm);
- Roughness of the surface coating is Rz = 20-40;
- Processing coatings produced by conventional machining methods;
- Coating may be applied to any metal, glass and ceramics.