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รุ่น : OTW 10SS

The new standard for Sour Gas, casing friendly wire, thats easy to weld.

OTW 10SS is an exclusive gas shielded, metal cored alloy wire, specifi cally designed for use in severe sour (SS) environments and is fully compatible with all drill pipe sour service grades. Drill pipe sour service grades (VM 105 DP SS™, TSS™-105, CYX™-105) and HWDP differ greatly from normal API grades and use a modified form of steel on the pipe body and tool joints. This alloy is formulated to be non-cracking, easy to apply and repair, with low dilution and minimal pre-heat temperatures. The reduced overall hardness is designed to optimize performance in even the most severe sour environments.

OTW 10SS is formulated to produce a unique, hard tool-steel microstructure with numerous ultra-fine/ultra-hard phases, dispersed in a tough tempered martensitic matrix.

OTW 10SS produces an excellent, non-spatter bead in both appearance & quality, ensuring greater flexibility & increased arc stability between 100 to 400 AMP operating ranges. Reducing labor costs, OTW 10SS offers a high deposition rate with exceptional, all-position welding ability. The result is a cost-effective solution for multi-purpose hardbanding applications, including Drill Pipe Tool Joints, HWDP Tool Joints & Center Wear Pads.