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เครื่องเชื่อม, เครื่องตัด อุปกรณ์งานเชื่อม ผ้าม่านกันแสงเชื่อม CEPRO สินค้าอื่นๆ เครื่องมือ

ชื่อสินค้า : เครื่องเชื่อมไฟฟ้า MMA Equipment

ยี่ห้อ : Castolin Eutectic

รุ่น : AccuMax

Maximum mobility and reliability with long battery life

Mains connection or heavy generators are no longer required. The ACCUmax offers you limitless mobility: Maintenance work in out-country regions, repairs on farming and forestry land, assembly work and on-site preparations in the open countryside or on roofs with difficult access. Minor, however often important, outdoor repairs pay for themselves better than ever before with minimised input time without cables. In fact, with a fully charged battery, welding work can be autonomously performed for up to 6 electrodes of 3.25 mm diameter or 18 electrodes of 2.5 mm . The smart AccuBoost Technology ensures that batteries and welding electronics make the perfect match. In practice, this means regularly improved welding results as compared to those achieved with purely mains-operated electrode welding machines. State-of-the-art and functional design combined with compact dimensions, lightweight and robust construction make the ACCUmax the perfect partner on any site.

Technical data: 
Rated battery voltage 52,8 V
Charging current (normal charge) 10 A
Charging current (quick charge) 18 A
Battery capacity 396 Wh
Battery type Lithium ion
Cos Phi 0,99
Welding current range MMA 10 – 140 A
Welding current range TIG 3 – 150 A
Welding current in hybrid mode 18 % ED 140 A
Welding current in hybrid mode 100 % ED 40 A
Welding current in hybrid mode (TIG) 25 % ED 150 A
Welding current in hybrid mode (TIG) 100 % ED 65 A
Open circuit voltage 90 V
Degree of protection: IP 23
Safety identification: S, CE
Machine dimensions LxWxH in mm: 435 x 160 x 310
Weight: 10,9 Kg