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ยี่ห้อ : Castolin Eutectic

รุ่น : Cooling GAP

Protecting the torch against overheating

Under normal conditions a cooler is connected with the power source and the torch. The coolant is pumped by the cooler through the welding machine, taken at the front of the power source by the torch and led back again. The coolant is sucked from the cooling liquid tank into the cooling circuit by a pump. In the return the hot liquid is pumped through a cooling radiator and finally collected into the cooling liquid tank. The cooling capacity of a cooling unit depends on: the ambient temperature and the through-flow rate Q (l/min). The through-flow rate Q depends on the length of the interconnecting cable, the torch hose assembly length and the diameter of the hose.

Technical data:
Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Mains fuse internal : 2 A
Rated value of the power supply current : 1,65 A
Maximum rated value of the power supply current : 4 A
Power consumption : 0,37 kW
Protection class : IP 23