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ชื่อสินค้า : เครื่องพ่นพอกสำหรับงานพลาสม่า HVOF CastoJet CJK5

ยี่ห้อ : Castolin Eutectic

รุ่น : Kerozene fuelled high pressure HVOF for cold sprayed coatings of high quality

The CJK5 HVOF is a high pressure, high velocity thermal spray process, using liquid fuel (kerosene) and oxygen which are fed into a combustion chamber, where they are ignited and continuously combusted. The resultant hot gas at a pressure close to 1 MPa, emanates through a converging – diverging nozzle and travels through a straight section. The jet velocity at the exit of the barrel (>1000 m/s) exceeds the speed of sound. A powder feed stock is injected into the gas stream, which accelerates the powder up to 800 m/s. The stream of hot gas and powder is directed towards the surface to be coated. The powder partially melts in the stream, and deposits upon the substrate. The resulting coating consists of thin overlapping platelets, has low porosity and high bond strength.
The CastoJet® Kerosene 5 - CJK5 - is the latest Castolin Eutectic development of kerosene fuelled high pressure HVOF (High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel) systems. The CJK5 developments have focused on the gun, powder feeder and operator interface. The operator interface is simple to use with a touch screen interface. The powder feeder has mass flow controlled carrier gas and closed loop motor control for reliability and repeatability of powder feed rates.
The CJK5 control system is shown with the operator interface mounted onto the gas box for pictorial purposes only. In a typical installation, the gas box would be inside the spray booth. The powder feeder would either be inside or outside the spray booth. The operator interface would be outside the spray booth. The control system for the CJK5 HVOF consists of a PC with a touchscreen screen operator interface and a gas box. The PC provides a means of operator interface and overall system control. For reliability of operation, the actual control of the individual operations of the system are controlled by PLC’s in the gas box and powder feeder. The PC and PLC’s are all linked by serial bus to minimise wiring and increase reliability.

The CastoJet® CJK5 kit comprises:
- CJK5 Gun
- CJK5 Control interface and gas box
- CJK5 Touch screen PC
- CJK5 Mass flow powder feeder
- Input supplies package 5 m
- Output supplies package available in 5, 10 or 14 m
- Tool kit and accessories
- Flashback arrestor

Integrated Systems / Putting a reliable, performing Package together for OEMs and Workshops
Castolin Eutectic has designed, manufactured and commissioned many Turnkey Integrated Systems on a global basis. We have serviced several industries and applications with tailored made system solutions that are fully engineered, cost efficient, fl exible and have state of the art safe operating features. Typical designs include control equipment, sound-proof cabins, robots, turn tables, extraction, etc. These components are fully integrated for operation in automatic mode. As well as providing full monitoring with operational status and alarms, the systems also allow manual intervention for further development and optimisation of parameters.

- Hard chrome plating alternative
- CGL mill rolls - steel industry
- Oil and Gas - ball and gate valves
- Down hole tools used in the oil and gas industry
- Paper rolls
- Hydraulic rams
- Aircraft Landing gear
- Suspension components
- Hydro-electric turbines
- Automotive valves
- Aero Engine Components

Technical data:
Canister capacity : 2750cc
Electrical supply : 240/110V 1ph
Weight : 40kg
Dimensions (mm) : W-400 x D-400 x H-700