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ยี่ห้อ : Castolin Eutectic

รุ่น : 7888 T

An innovative low temperature hardfacing product with exceptional wear resistance

7888 T is a high perfomance anti-wear product in the form of a flexible cord, comprising a nickel cored wire, covered with an elastic binder containing a mixture if carbides and nickel alloy powder. The latter has a uniquely effective self-fluxing action, which gives 7888 T outstanding wetting properties. As a result, a smooth, even protective coat can be deposited quickly and easily, greatly reducing the risk of overheating the base material. Each spool of 7888 T carries one continous length of cord of rigorously consistent diameter and without joins, for improved reliability with automated or robotics feeder systems.

Technical data:
Hardness, matrix (HV30) : ~400
Micro-hardness, carbides (HV1) : >2300
Carbide granulometry 5,0 mm : 0,2 - 0,7
Carbide granulometry 6,0 mm : 5
Carbide granulometry 8,0 mm : 1,2
Max. service Temperature (°C) : ~700
Brazing Temperature (°C) : 850-950