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ชื่อสินค้า : ผงฟลักซ์สำหรับงานเชื่อม Brazing Consumables

ยี่ห้อ : Castolin Eutectic

รุ่น : 190 NHR

Non-corrosive, non-hydroscopic aluminium brazing flux. For most aluminium alloys (Mg & Si <1%) and stainless steels.

Flux with non-corosive residue in powder form. Its power as a deoxidising agent makes in-position joining much easier, as well as repairs presenting difficult access. Considerable time saving is achieved, as with 190 NH the finished work does not require removal of flux residues, since these involve no risk of corrosion. Powerful deoxidiser. Manual or automated application. Promotes thorough wetting of Castolin Eutectic alloys. Flux removal unnecessary.

Industry Examples
Automobile - Aviation - Air conditioning - Aluminium fabrication - Household appliances - Electrical engineering - Mechanical engineering. Main applications: Pipes, ducts, ventilation and air conditioning systems, heat exchangers. Automotive systems including radiators, air conditioning, etc. Fabrication and profiles, frames, chassis. Electrical appliances, heating systems. Bus bars, etc.

Technical data:
Activity range : 500-660°C
Norm : DIN 8511 F-LH2