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ยี่ห้อ : Castolin Eutectic

รุ่น : 18

Paste flux for braze welding with Brazing Alloy 18. For ferrous and copper alloys, especially galvanized steel.

Brass/ Bronze flux specially designed to improve wettability of Brass/Bronze Castolin alloy on base metal. It is recommended for galvanised steel pipes. Paste brazing flux for capillary brazing with copper - zinc - nickel based alloys. At elevated temperature the flux reduces the metal oxides on the base metal and activates the surface. This result in an optimal wetting of the filler metal and increase of the capillary effect in the gap between the two surfaces to be joined. The development of a surface alloy between the filler metal and the base metal insures the metallic continuity. The brazing flux 18 is designed for use with the following heating methods : oxyacetylenic flame and furnace without gas protection.

Zinc coated piping and profiles, tubular assemblies, bronze and brass plumbing.

Technical data:
Activity range : 700-1000°C
Norm : DIN 8511 F-SH2