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ยี่ห้อ : HUAWEI

รุ่น : HK-16 Curve Tracking Type Automatic Welding Trolley

• Easy operation, small size and light weight, and is forged by adopting high quality and high density aluminum. 
• Mainly used for welding arc and curve work pieces, and can weld arcs in both inner and outer tangency with R > 175 mm; the minimum radius of pure outer are section (circular tube) can be no less than 160 mm; the pure inner arc surface welding requires the arc redius to reach no less than 500 mm. 
• The welding pistol is flexible and convenient in adjustment; when the center of the welding pistol is aligned with that of the traveling wheel on the same axis, the welding of arcs in inner and outer tangency can realize steady transition and switch, with the welding pistol strictly following the welding line without deviation. 
• Prossessing swinging function, and available with welding modes of different specifications, and can thus achieve the best welding effect. 
• Swinging speed, angle, off-centering position, and left and right stay time can be modulated at ease, and the digital tube displays various modulation data. 
• The magnetic control handle is convenient for centering the welding line and clearing irony garbage. 
• The control unit can be taken off and used as a remote controller.
• The tracking guide wheel can be extended according to the user need to meet the welding range.
• Widely applied to ship, petrochemical complex, pressure vessel, and pipe works, etc. Wavering mode : 

Orders No.
Model No.
Supply Voltage VHZ
Rang for Adjusting Torch
Weaving Control
Drive Motor
Speed mm/min
Method of Driving
Weight kg.
Up Down
Left Right
Work Angle
Processing Angle
Left/Right Pause Time
Shifting Distance Set
Wavering Speed
Wavering Angle
120 mm
180 mm
± 15°
0-1050 mm/min
Rubber Wheel Four-Wheel Drive
15.6 kg