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ยี่ห้อ : HUAWEI

รุ่น : HGK-300 All Position Pipline Welding Device

• This device is specially applied to the welding of chemical and pipeline engineering, especially for the field pipeline welding.
• Hinge-type folio locking system is employed by the high-strength aluminum alloy track, which is very quick and convenient for the installation and dismantling of machines, and easy for the operation.
• This device is of simple and compact structure, light weight, and integrates welding gun and wire feeder, and equipped with a 5 kg wire feeding reel. The total weight of itself is about 35 kg.
• This device is of powerful driving force and stable speed of travel. Velocity-measuring system can realize automatic compensation of uphill and downhill velocity of machines to guarantee consistent working speed. Moreover, this device is provided with fast walk function, which is convenient for quick returning to the starting welding spot after completion of weld joint check.
• This device is provided with swing function and weld beads of various specifications so as to achieve the optimum welding effect.
• Swing angle, swing velocity, left retention time, middle retention time and right retention time can be adjusted easily, and the nixie tube can display various parameter data, which are intuitively clear.

ers No.
Model No.
Supply Voltage VHZ
Overall Dimention LxWxH
Machine Weight
Swinging Electric Machine
Driving Method
Speed of Travel
AC 220/50
35 kg
Pinion and Track
0-800 mm/min
Adjusting Range of Welding Gun
Operating Range
Up /Down
Front /Back
Work Angle
Processing Angle
Wavering speed
Left /Right Pause time
Wavering angle
Delay Senting
Welding Pipe Diameter Scoope
60 mm
40 mm
± 45 °
± 10°
± 15 °
ø180-300 mm